Subject Transportation Information(Incheon International airport -> Haeundae Grand Hotel)
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You can come to Haeundae Grand Hotel by Air or Train.


1. By Air : Incheon International Airport -> Gimhae(Busan) International Airport

    ● International -> Domestic

       1. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall (Arrive at Incheon Airport and follow the "Transfer" sign)

       2. Transfer Security Check (Pass through Security Check in the Floor2 Transfer Area)

       3. Transfer Desk(Passenger without a boarding pass must visit the Transfer Desk)

       4. Proceed to Boarding Area(Check the boarding gate and move to Floor 3 Boarding Area)

       5. Travel Time: Approximately 1hour.

           *Incheon International Airport Customer Service Center 82-1577-2600



2. By Train: Incheon International Airport -> Busan Station

    ● by KTX

      1. Please take AREX(Airport Railroad Train) at Incheon International Airport Station and

          get off at Seoul Station to transfer to KTX(Korean Train Express)

      2. Please take KTX at Seoul Station and get off at Busan Station

          * You can check train schedules and purchase tickets below website.


          * If you are unable to find the information you want,

            please inquire with(contact) Korail Customer service Center at 82-1599-7777


If you want to take a airplane or a KTX, You need to make a reservation in advance at the site.

For more information, please refer to the website of ICS2018.