Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST) is a government affiliated research institution tasked with discovering new scientific knowledge about the ocean. We strive to develop cutting-edge scientific technology and to cultivate talented next-generation human resources for our better life and sustainable ocean development. KIOST also advises Korean government concerning the research and development of marine science and technology.

  • Address : 385, Haeyang-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan Metropolitan City, KOREA
  • TEL : (+82)51-664-3000
  • E-mail : kiost@kiost.ac.kr
  • Website : www.kiost.ac.kr


Korean Society of Coastal Disaser Prevention (KSCDP) Aims to improving the safety and welfare of the people Securing and preserving the coast from coastal disasters And seeking ways to keep maintenance the coast KSCDP is developing an academic and practical coastal disaster prevention method trough active contribution and participation among people to exchange of comprehensive knowledge and response to the disaster of the coast.

  • Address : A-114, College of Engineering, Konkuk University, 120 Neungdongro, Seoul 05029, Republic of Korea
  • TEL : +82-2-444-7494
  • E-mail : kscdp@kscdp.or.kr
  • Website : www.kscdp.or.kr